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Mastering Your Mindset
- A proactive approach to a more fulfilling life

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Time: 1h 19 min

Author: Dr. Bethany Rushworth

Join Dr. Bethany Rushworth; a Dentist, certified life coach and mentor discussing her own experience of navigating through the challenges of stress and anxiety during university and her first years as a qualified dentist. Bethany believes that in order to achieve a fulfilling life, both inside and outside of dentistry, the key is to harness your core values and develop your own personal management systems.


  • Understand what motivates you and fuels your ambitions, both in your personal life and in your career.
  • Understand the impact that anxiety has on your health and wellbeing and the associated triggers which may negatively impact your day to day routine.
  • Acknowledge the importance of mindfulness to better implement coping strategies and techniques for managing stress and anxiety.
  • Learn about alternative ways of dealing with challenging times including those tried and tested by Bethany herself.