Colgate® Duraphat® Fluoride Varnish - with lighter visual tint

Colgate® Duraphat® Fluoride Varnish, the only fluoride varnish available in the UK with a medicinal licence for caries prevention, now has a lighter temporary tint for improved patient acceptability, whilst retaining visual control.


Colgate® Duraphat® Fluoride Varnish for professional application should be applied as a thin layer to all susceptible areas of the dentition. The temporary tint in Colgate® Duraphat® Fluoride Varnish enables identification of surfaces to which it has been applied to optimise clinical outcome.


The lighter tint, now comparable with B2 shade of a Vita Classical Guide, does not compromise clinical benefit. Colgate Duraphat® Varnish is clinically proven to: 

- Reduce caries by 37% in primary dentition 1 
- Reduce caries by 43% in permanent dentition 1

‘Delivering better oral health - An evidence-based toolkit for prevention’2 published by Public Health England, recommends two or more applications of fluoride varnish for caries prevention in all children aged 3 years and above. Adults who are also giving cause for concern should also receive twice yearly applications of fluoride varnish.


Tailored preventive advice about home care to control caries should also be provided at each application.


Further information about Colgate® Duraphat® Varnish

Colgate® Duraphat® Fluoride Varnish, PL0049/0042, Legal Status: POM

1. Marinho VCC, Fluoride varnishes for preventing dental caries in children and adolescents. Cochrane Database of Systematic reviews 2013, Issue 7. Art No. CD002279. 
2. Delivering better oral health – An evidenced-based toolkit for prevention, third edition, Public Health England, June 2014.