• Periodontal Disease and Overall Health: A Clinician’s Guide - 2nd Edition

    Periodontal disease is one of the most common diseases of man and is responsible for most of the tooth loss in adults. Periodontal disease has received considerable attention in the past several decades and a new understanding of the disease is emerging.
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  • Infection Or Inflammation: The Link Between Periodontal Disease And Systemic Disease

    There is increasing evidence that chronic infections are associated with cardiovascular diseases. A number of hypotheses have been put forward to explain these associations, including common susceptibility, systemic inflammation, direct infection of the blood vessels, and cross-reactivity or molecular mimicry between bacterial and self-antigens. In terms of common susceptibility, a person who is susceptible to progressive periodontal disease is also susceptible to atherosclerosis, but the periodontal disease does not cause the atherosclerosis.
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  • Host Modulation For The Treatment Of Periodontal Diseases

    Until the 1970s, treatment strategies for periodontal disease were primarily based on the understanding that plaque bacteria and their products mediated the tissue destruction in periodontal patients. This concept began to change, however, when investigators reported that host responses to the causative bacteria were a major contributor to disease pathogenesis
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  • Gingivitis: New Insights Into Inflammation And Periodontal Diseases

    At the forefront of dentistry today is an increasing knowledge of the role of chronic inflammation and the changes it can cause in both the oral cavity and systemically. Now you can gain a new level of understanding with these informative articles to help you more effectively treat your patients with gingival inflammation.
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