Young female technician looking into microscope in medical laboratory

Caries Free World;
A Lifetime Approach to Preventing Caries

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Time: 1h 14 min

Authors: Dr. Stuart Garton, Dr. Bethany Rushworth

Join Dr. Stuart Garton and Dr. Bethany Rushworth discussing their preventative strategies for the prevention, management, and treatment of caries in those patients at increased risk.

Learning Objectives:

– Understand patient and clinical factors contributing to increased caries risk
– Discuss the role of preventative strategies among different caries risk groups and the need for an integrated, whole team approach that is tailored to individual requirements
– Understand how Colgate® Duraphat® high-fluoride toothpaste and Colgate® Duraphat® varnish may be most effectively used in a management plan for caries prevention in patients.