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Practical Guidance – Remote Patient Communication and Proactive Caries Prevention

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Time: 1h 4 min

Dr Amit Patel

20/08/2020 19:00 London Time Zone (United Kingdom)

Dr Amit Patel will explore why, in the current climate, a focus on prevention is critical, and why we should move from a treatment to a care mindset. Supporting patients in their oral care at home is vital whilst routine visits are less accessible.
He will also share why control of the biofilm is so important and suggest steps to help support this.


To provide an overview of the importance of proactive prevention in the management of the oral microbiome

Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand the current situation with COVID19 and how reduced dental contact might inhibit patients’ oral health

  • To understand the importance of the oral microbiome in prevention and its role in host-microbiome symbiosis

  • Explore practical ways to communicate Whole Mouth Health with patients along with the superiority of Colgate Total for biofilm control