Colgate Duraphat 2800ppm Fluoride Toothpaste - Patient Instructions Sheet



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You have been prescribed Colgate® Duraphat® 2800ppm Fluoride Toothpaste. The following information has been prepared to answer some of the questions you may have.

Why do I need Colgate® Duraphat® 2800 toothpaste?

Your dental professional has decided that you would benefit from using toothpaste containing a higher level of fluoride than ordinary toothpaste. Clinical studies indicate that certain people who are at a higher risk of tooth decay can derive additional benefits from the daily use of Colgate® Duraphat® 2800ppm fluoride toothpaste.

Who can benefit from using Colgate® Duraphat® 2800 toothpaste?What is Colgate® Duraphat® 2800 toothpaste?
Colgate® Duraphat® 2800ppm fluoride toothpaste is a high fluoride toothpaste for use twice a day, one being last thing at night for protection against tooth decay.

Colgate® Duraphat® 2800ppm fluoride toothpaste is suitable for adults and children over 10 years of age who may be at risk from tooth decay including patients with:

  • Active tooth decay or a history of tooth decay
  • Exposed root surfaces
  • High sugar diets
  • Orthodontic appliances
  • Dry mouth

How does Colgate® Duraphat® 2800 toothpaste work?

The fluoride in Colgate® Duraphat® 2800ppm fluoride toothpaste can help prevent and reverse early stages of tooth decay.

How should I use Colgate® Duraphat® 2800 toothpaste?
You should use Colgate® Duraphat® 2800ppm fluoride toothpaste instead of regular fluoride toothpaste, brush twice daily, one time being last thing at night. Course of treatment as prescribed.

Where can I buy Colgate® Duraphat® 2800 toothpaste?
Colgate® Duraphat® 2800ppm fluoride toothpaste can only be prescribed by a dentist, dental hygiene therapist or doctor. This prescription may be dispensed at the pharmacy or dental practice.

What else could I do to prevent decay?

  • Follow the advice of your dental team
  • Brush your teeth twice a day with Fluoride toothpaste
  • Try to avoid sugary foods, especially between meals
  • Visit your dentist regularly

Always read the label


Sodium Fluoride 0.619% w/w

We have developed a simple instructions sheet below for you to give your patients once they have been prescribed Colgate Duraphat 2800ppm Fluoride Toothpaste. It contains simple instructions on why they have been prescribed the medicine and how to use it appropriately.