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Superior biofilm control is important


Biofilms are complex, structured communities of bacteria that live througout the whole mouth. Left uncontrolled, biofilms can produce negative effects on all mouth surfaces

Colgate Total with Dual Zinc + Arginine Technology: penetrates and disrupts the biofilm1,2,*,^

Colgate Total delivers comprehensive benefits for whole mouth health

Comprehensive benefits for whole mouth health
  • Protects the whole mouth from biofilm damage6-8,*,^
  • Fights bacteria in the whole mouth for 12 hours (teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums)7,##
  • Delivers comprehensive clinical outcomes for whole mouth health1-3
  • Colgate Total® Advanced designed for an enhanced brushing experience for patients who  need an effective and gentle clean

## Statistically significant reduction vs non-antibacterial fluoride toothpaste.
*Colgate Total® provides superior in vitro delivery, penetration, and retention of Zinc through Arginine technology for biomass reductions vs Zinc control toothpaste. ^With 2x daily brushing and 4 weeks
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Everyone can benefit from superior biofilm control

Dentists reported that they would recommend a toothpaste containing an alternative foaming agent to their patients with additional oral health needs# including

check box Recurrent aphthous ulcers

check box Lichen planus

check box Oral thrush

check box Xerostomia

Colgate Total Advanced range with NEW Amino Micellar Cleansing system


Range with new amino micellar cleansing system

Colgate Total Advanced is gentle to support the mouths protective barrier, yet powerful enough to fight bacteria for 12 hours1,2,^


Foaming is essential to the toothbrushing experience

*Cocamidopropyl betaine is a mixture of organic compounds derived from coconut oil and dimethylaminopropylamine. ^With 2x daily brushing and 4 weeks continued use.
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The rationale behind whole mouth health for
everyday prevention


Whole Mouth Health

The evolving understanding of mouth biology, modern patient demands and advances in oral care technology drive the need to consider ‘the next generation of prevention’ to achieve and maintain oral health. Colgate® believes this need is best met by a Whole Mouth Health approach that elevates the importance of oral prevention and of achieving better oral health outcomes for all patients.

Read the White Paper on Whole Mouth Health - The Next Generation of every day prevention in Oral Health.

Recommendations for the oral healthcare team

The 'Perio & Caries’ Project of EFP (The European Federation of Periodontology) builds on the outcomes of the expert workshop devoted to “The boundaries between dental caries and periodontal disease”, jointly organised by the EFP with ORCA (European Organisation for Caries Research).

The consensus reports supported by robust systematic reviews  provide a comprehensive scientific framework for how to understand and approach the simultaneous management of caries and periodontal diseases, including specific recommendations for every day prevention.