Maintaining good oral hygiene is especially important during orthodontic treatment. As you know, Orthodontic brackets and wires can trap food and plaque, putting your patients at higher risk for tooth decay and potential gum problems. Many Colgate products are specially designed to support your patients' preventative care during their orthodontic treatment.

Protect your patients' healthy smile with the help of Colgate.

Fluoride Therapy

Dental caries and plaque image of teeth
Daily preventative care against white spots
  • Clinically proven to strengthen enamel to help prevent caries1,2
  • Reduces the appearance of white spots by 58%3
  • Provides greater fluoride uptake and deeper fluoride penetration2
  • Use once daily as a caries preventative
Dental caries and plaque image of teeth
Prescription-strength toothpaste for high risk patients
  • 5,000 ppm fluoride toothpaste remineralizes early root caries in 3 months4
  • Liquid gel formula enables faster fluoride dispersion5
  • 1 step fluoride treatment to improve patient compliance
  • Use once daily to help repair early root caries or to help prevent caries in high risk patients

Soft Tissue First Aid

Dental caries and plaque image of teeth
Promotes healing of minor mouth irritations
  • 1.5% hydrogen peroxide formula reduces harmful bacteria in minor oral wounds to help prevent infection
  • Gently cleans infected oral lesions by removing foreign materials that can impede the healing process
  • Minty fresh, foaming action flushes away food particles from gums and braces to help give you a whole mouth clean
Dental caries and plaque image of teeth
Maximum strength oral pain relief
  • Contains 20% Benzocaine to help relieve mouth sore pain that can result from wearing braces
  • Helps shield mouth sores from outside irritants
  • ADA approved and alcohol-free

Daily Hygiene

Dental caries and plaque image of teeth
Proven to reduce gingivitis
  • Colgate Total® Toothbrush is clinically proven to clean deep between teeth and along the gumline6,7
  • Removes plaque from multiple tooth surfaces making it ideal for Orthodontic patients8,9
Dental caries and plaque image of teeth
Comfortable and shred resistant floss
  • Single strand Teflon fiber with microcrystalline coating, slides easily between tight areas without shredding

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